Find your Lost iPhone Using These 10 Techniques

If you happen to lose your iPhone it is important that you know about all of the different ways you can get it back. The more you know about these techniques, the more likely you will be to locate your phone.

  1. Use the “Find my iPhone” Function

You will be able to gain access to the “Find my Phone” service by using another iOS device by simply downloading the app from the App Store. You can use a friend or family member’s iOS device to do this if you don’t have another one yourself. Another option is that you can log into the iCloud website on any computer and select the “Find My iPhone” option on the main menu.

Remember that you will need your Apple ID and password to log in when using this method. Also, the Find my iPhone feature needs to be enabled on your device This feature is usually enabled when you initially set up your iCloud account for the first time.

Once you have opened the Find my iPhone app and you are signed into your account, you will want to tap the Devices menu at the top of the page if you are on the iCloud website, or the “My Devices” button if you’re on an iOS mobile device. Go ahead and select your phone from the list of devices that is listed. If your phone cannot be located because it is either turned off or out of network, you will want to check the “Notify me when found” box. When your phone is turned back on and connects to a wireless or cellular network, you will get a notification sent to the email address connected to your Apple ID.

If you see that your phone is online and this app can locate it, you will see your phone’s last reported location appear on the map. You will be able to use this map to determine exactly where your phone is. After you select your device, you will be able to perform three different actions, including Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone.

The Play Sound feature will make the phone play a notification sound so you will be able to hear it if it’s nearby. This sound will be played at full volume, so you should be able to hear it if it’s anywhere close by. The Lost Mode will lock the phone’s screen with your preset passcode or a new one. The Erase Phone function is somewhat of a last resort because it will erase all of the data that is on your phone. If you do not think you’ll be able to get it back, this is most likely the function you will want to choose in the app.

  1. Try Calling Your Phone

Although it may seem obvious when you lose your iPhone the first thing you’ll want to do is try to call it from a landline or from someone else’s phone. If you think that your phone may be nearby, the quickest way to find it can be to just call your number from a different phone and listen for it to ring. If you are looking for it at home, make sure to go through room by room so you don’t miss the sound. If you are at home but don’t have access to another phone, you can always go to ICan’ This website will allow you to enter your phone number and it will instantly call it. Here’s a list of the top places where people lose their iPhone.

  1. Check Lost and Found Bins

If you believe that you lost your phone in a store or public area, you might want to check lost and found bins. A lot of businesses will have a specific place that they put items that were turned into them by people, so you will need to keep this in mind as well. Ask store representatives if someone has recently turned in a lost phone just in case. If someone found your phone somewhere, that might have turned it in.

  1. Device Locator

There are many different apps that you can use to find your lost iPhone, and Device Locator is one of them. You don’t have to pay for a subscription to use this app like so many others, but you will have to spend $4.99 to download it. This app allows you to log into a web-based account so you can track the exact location of your phone as well as cause it to play a notification if you think it’s close by. You can also choose to lock the phone if you believe it has been stolen.

  1. Use the Missing Phones Online Directory

While it may be somewhat of a long shot, you can always try going to to check the directory. You can enter the IMEI number of your device and it will tell you if someone has phone your found and turned it in.

  1. GadgetTrak

GadgetTrak is a mobile app that can significantly increase your chances of finding your missing iPhone by quite a bit. This app is capable of generating location reports as well as sending a discrete message to your phone and even taking a photo of the person who has it with its built-in camera. This app is designed so that the person who stole your phone cannot delete it from the device. You will have had to installed this app on your phone previous to losing or having it stolen though.

After you install it on your device, you will want to create an account and sign in. Set a passcode that you can use to prevent others from changing your settings or seeing the tracking status. If you ever want to recover your lost or stolen phone, you will need to visit to enable tracking. Next, you will want to select your device to log in. After you have logged in, you will see your iPhone come up on the map. Click the “View” button then select “Tracking Reports”, which is located at the top. The Camera will let you take a photo of the thief after you pay a one-time fee of $0.99.

  1. If Found+

If Found is an that you can purchase for just $0.99, and it creates a wallpaper/lock screen image with a message that asks the person who finds the phone to call you on a number of your choosing. While it’s true that this app will not allow you to track your phone with GPS, it can be very useful if a Good Samaritan happens to find it. Many people have actually located their phones this way, so it is definitely worth giving it a try.

  1. PleaseFindMyPhone

This is a GPS tracking app that allows you to check in on your phone’s exact position on a regular basis and reports it to a web-based account. You don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription with this app, but you will have to pay $4.99 to initially purchase it. This can be an excellent way to track where your phone is, though you will need to have it on your device beforehand.

  1. Retrace Your Steps

If you lose your phone you will need to start retracing your steps. Think about where you were when you had your phone throughout the day, and go back to each of those places. Your phone may have fallen out of your pocket onto the ground, or it could be sitting on a countertop in a store. Make sure that you ask an employee at each of the businesses you go back to if anyone has turned your phone in.

  • Use Social Media

You can also go onto social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to friends and family to let them know you have lost your phone. If you have left your phone over a friend or family member’s home, they might find it faster knowing that you have lost it. While this is a bit of a long shot, it is still certainly worth trying.

There are quite a few different ways to go about finding your lost iPhone, and it’s important that you try as many of them as you can. While a lot of people end up finding their phone soon after they lose it, sometimes it’s necessary to get a little creative. And although your phone may be gone forever, it is still definitely worth trying the above-listed techniques. There are many different mobile apps that you can purchase to track your phone if it ever gets lost, but your device’s Find My iPhone function is probably your best bet. Losing a phone is always frustrating, but the important thing is that you keep looking for it and implement every method you can think of to find it.

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